“Since 1933, serving The Best Wings, Ribs, and Seafood-Come Hungry”

In 1933 with little more than a fresh keg of beer and a few picnic tables, Nellie Goble began to build a small piece of Chambersburg history and named it “The Cottage”.  Attracting workers from the Chambersburg Engineering Company, the corner of Wayne and Coldbrook Avenues soon became the place to relax after work and drink a few beers.

Since then The Cottage has had a succession of owners, each of whom have added their own unique signatures to the establishment. Nellie Goble was followed by Stubby Carson, Jimmy Grimes, Hotty Bowers, Smitty and Phyllis Armstrong, Jake Corwell, and current owner, Tom Boock. Throughout the many years, one thing has remained the same. What originated as a favorite local gathering place in 1933, The Cottage remains just that. A friendly neighborhood tavern where everyone is a friend, or will be by the time you leave.